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We have several years of development experience on eCommerce projects. Offering complete design customization of your shop frontend which interfaces with the feature-rich administration backend of your online store. Our outstanding work will make you feel safe to sell your products online.

Search Engine Optimisation

e-Tronnix has a carefully developed process for the optimization and promotion of your website to ensure a high ranking and visibility on the search engines i.e. Google by ensuring a correct setup for optimal indexing.

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Secure Payments and Donations

Get paid or receive donations via you website using PayPal which happens to be one of the leading global online payment services. PayPal has partnered with FNB to easily allow withdrawing and payments using FNB linked accounts, and also for non-FNB customers via the FNB Withdraw service

Some Website Samples

Our Services

We value you

With 5 years of experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us, we provide a professional service for private and commercial customers and Get the job done - Get it done promptly - Get it done well. That is the bottom line on every project at ETRONNIX. Clients depend on us and we turn visions into reality. We do it because we love it.

Easy to Manage

Our tool of choice is WordPress, the most widely used Content Management System in the world currently powering 1/5th of all websites. The benefit of using a CMS is that it easily allows you to update your own content instead of having to pay a web designer each time you need to update your site. WordPress makes managing your website a walk in the park! W ordPress also has a lot of flexibility due the vast amount of plugins available. This makes it easy to add more functionality such as forms, image galleries, slideshows etc in future.

We advice you

Each month you get detailed reports so you can understand how your business is performing online. One of our online marketing experts will then talk you through it and brainstorm ways and suggestions on how we both can improve your online presence.

What we do

We pride ourselves in enabling our clients to achieve their website objectives, and ultimately their organisational goals, by giving them advice on what the current technologies and Internet Marketing strategies can do for their business. We aim to provide a full service solution so that you only need to deal with one provider for your internet marketing needs. This includes logo design, domain registration, email and web hosting, website design, website development and search engine marketing.

Full Support

We listen to our client's requirements, doing our best to understand their needs to consistently provide a good service that creates an emotional connection.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective way to maintain and build relationships with your customers and prospects through email. Email marketing can help you build loyalty and trust, brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. Newsletters are a popular way of keeping in touch with your customers and reminding them that they have a need you can satisfy. You might send out your newsletter monthly, every few months or seasonally.

Bulk SMS Compaigns

  • 1

    Targeting Mobile Users

    Have you ever noticed that almost everyone who has a mobile phone is always eager to read the next text message (SMS) received, and they usually read it in full? What better way to do your direct marketing than through SMS Campaigns. We can send bulk SMS to more than 190 countries in the world within +/- 10 seconds.

  • 2

    Means and Ways

    This is made possible by means of providing you our own desktop software or online panel in which you enter your username and password, thus allowing you to manage your own bulk SMS campaign in person. Both Desktop and Online platforms allow you to upload a Microsoft Excel sheet with phone numbers of your subscribers into our web server and store them for next time use, the phone number database that can carry more than 100 000 mobile users across all networks in South Africa, and even outside the country.

  • 3


    We provide you this SMS marketing service at affordable rates. Only one click and your messages will be sent in one go, at a fraction of the cost of the normal ordinary text message (internet connection is required). We can change the sender number into an alphabetic name i.e. instead of using +27123456789, you can personalize the name of your choice with limited characters up to 11 for example ETRONNIX. When your subscribers receive the message, it will indicate your sender name instead of sender number but without being saved in their phonebooks. We can send you a free test TEXT message to your phone for demonstration purposes.

  • 4

    Reach more than 190 countries

    You can send Bulk SMS even on Special occasions more than 750 Global networks. Your campaigns will comprise of news, reminders, warnings, bills, promotional advertisements, greeting messages etc. Our Resell Global SMS Hubbing Model will help improve your SMS coverage without the hustle of signing a lot of Bilateral Agreements while simultaneously making operations less complex and reducing the costs of SMS Interworking Agreements, isn't that great. e-Tronnix Bulk SMS service is Euro(€) base (credit base) system where we can route you to more than 190 including South Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, Congo and Zimbabwe with different operators at different prices per SMS, we will charge you in Euros(current exchange rate) for the SMSs.

  • 5

    How do you benefit?

    Save up to more than 50% per sms, as charged by the local service providers, even cheaper than sending mail via post, it is just as good as an interactive messaging platform. Each client/member on the database will receive a personal message, be it for bills, reminders or just general notifications. We have specifically targeted your Business or Church as we strongly feel that this service will give you the cutting-edge in communicating with your customers/church members and save you on those unnecessary communication costs. DO THE SMSs HAVE AN EXPIRY PERIOD? The SMS bundle you purchase from us do expire if you do not send at least 1 sms in 6 months. We are cheaper than all local network service providers

We make your dream come true

Questions and Answers

Do we have any specials?

eTronnix is offering you a special discount season of up 60% on website development to churches only. We are able to build you an excellent and professional website and also assist with registering your website onto the internet so that everyone can view it. Arrangements can be made for regular updating and maintenance of the website.

How much is our domain registration & hosting?

If you prefer to build your own website but need help with domain registration and web hosting, we can do that for you. Price: 50% markup on Domain registration fee. Hosting Option 1: R50 monthly charge for web hosting/R400 per annum (benefits: FTP account only, email accounts and databases) or Hosting Option 2: Owning your own independent cPanel account with your own username and password + dashboard setup, all for R1500 annual Hosting fee (benefits: Multiple web hosting, personalized billing account, renew your domains, FTP accounts, email accounts and databases etc.)

What other features can i get on my website?

1. We can add Blogs/Forums sections
2. We make your website to appear on the first-page of Google search results
3. We can add a Google Map canvas showing your office address by pin
4. We make your business/organisation's address other details to appear on google map when searched
5. We can add a smart calendar that is event - time and date conscious and reminds your visitors at the right time
6. OTP (One Time Password) SMS verification system
7. email accounts (personalised according to your domain name i.e info@example.com, sales@example.com, prayerline@example.com
8. SSL Certificates (Make your website secure from hackers especially when you will be owning a website that support online payment
9. Donations button integration (Allows you to recieve money online straight into your bank account):

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What Our Customers Say

Miss Umera (School Principal) - Bright Student Learning Centre

"We would like to thank eTronnix Web Solutions for an outstanding effort on completing our website project on time. The project involved a very aggressive schedule and it was completed on time with a beautiful look. We would certainly like to use their professional services always."

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