Is there a contract?

Contracts? That's so ‘90s. All our packages are month-to-month. If you do wish to cancel you will need to give us 1 calendar month's notice.

Can I update my own website?

We encourage you to do so. Remember, the more your website is updated the better chance it has to rank in Google. We will supply you with all the login details needed to access your easy-to-use content management system.(Applicable to clients on CMSs)

What if I already have a website?

We will design a new website, either a redesign or something fresh depending on your requirements, while keeping your existing site on the web. Only once you have approved your new design will we swop them over.

How long will it take to get my new website out?

This depends on a few factors, and the package you select, but we aim to have all websites designed and ready to go live within 2 weeks. Be ready for your interview once you have signed up. We ask a few questions about your business and to send us any images, logos and other business-related collateral which will help us to better understand your business.

What is lead generation?

Our top 2 packages come with free lead generation. Every month we will actively look at cost-effective marketing opportunities to generate leads for you to turn into sales. We also offer 2 Lead Generation “Booster” packages which you can add to your current plan

How will eTronnix help my business with regards to online marketing?

Every month we send you a detailed report on how your business is doing online – how many visitors is your website getting, where are they coming from and how many leads have you got. Then our top 2 packages give you access to your own dedicated account manager who will talk you through your report and advise you on how to grow even more.

Can I upgrade to a bigger package?

Of course. If you start out on one of our lower tier packages you can choose to upgrade at anytime.

Can I run e-commerce on my website?

Not yet. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t sell products on your website (through our product catalogue add-on) and make use of the contact form we provide you with.

Can I buy my website or pay a once-off fee?

You have the option to pay for a year in advance while still enjoying the monthly benefits from eTronnix. You can also buy out your website and the price will depend on the amount of effort we have put in to make your website live. 99% of our customers do not buy out their website as they will lose out on all the added benefits (free updates, website security, access to a dedicated account manager, and so on).

Do you design logos?

We don’t. We prefer to focus on what we know best – giving you a secure and up-to-date website and advise on how to grow your business online. There are plenty of free logo creators out there – search “free logo builder” and have fun.

What other options are available to grow my business?

All our packages are designed to not only get you a website, but to grow your business online. If you want to give your business an added boost then you can choose from one of our Lead Generation Booster products or our paid advertising (Google Adwords) products.

Why isn’t my website ranking in Google?

A question we often get asked. Ranking well on Google and other search engines doesn't happen overnight, especially if you have a new website. Our top package includes monthly SEO updates aimed at helping you improve your rankings and presence on all search engines. If you are looking for instant results, then consider our Google Paid Advertising product.